Full-service custom payroll built around your small business.

Direct deposits and tax deposits & filings, all provided by dedicated payroll experts.
Our Promises

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    Customer Service

    One-on-one dedicated support to resolve any issues and answer any questions. Available day and night all week. Sometimes we can even come to clients’ locations.

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    Custom Pricing

    Pay only for the features you want or need. Most services provide you with a standard bundle of products and pass along the cost to you.

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    Most payroll services hire low-paid, entry-level employees and make each responsible for 300-400 small business clients. We have certified payroll experts with many years of experience to assist a much smaller number of clients.

Our Services

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    Online Access

    Safe and secure online access to payroll entry and reports. Employees can also access their paystubs and W-2s.

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    Account Integration

    The ability to integrate with a full host of third party services such as: timeclocks, 401k, workers' compensation, accounting software, and much more.

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    Customized Reports

    All payroll reports can be customized to meet the needs AND wants of each client.

Our Plans

We offer any service related to payroll. Our goal is to fill in the many gaps created by traditional payroll services. Please refer to the custom package which shows that in addition to the traditional services, we also provide many services that are not typically offered.

  • Online Access to Reports 
  • Employee Direct Deposit 
  • Employer Tax Deposits 
  • Employer Tax Filings 
  • W-2s & 1099s 
  • New Hire Reporting 
  • SSN Verification 
  • Bank Account Verification 

$4 each employee

For clients with simple salary, 1099-only payroll, Officer Only/S-Corp, or monthly frequency


Basic plus...

  • Employee Self-service 
  • Employer Self-Service 
  • Remote Check Printing 
  • Unlimited Earning Types 
  • Unlimited Deduction Types 
  • Benefit Accrual Tracking 

$5 each employee

Client self-service

Enterprise plan

Standard plus...

  • Additional Customized Reports 

3rd party integrations: 

  • Accounting Software 
  • Time Clock 
  • 401k 
  • Worker's Compensation 
  • FSA 
  • HR Applications 
  • HR Answers 

$10 each employee

Includes additional administrative support 

  • Check Delivery 
    • Fax/Phone Payroll Entry 
    • Decline Tax Services 
    • Job Costing 
    • HR Consulting 
    • Multiple pay frequencies 

Standard Package minus employee self-service is $74.95/month.
Basic Package plus account software integration is $59.95/month.
Enterprise minus employee self-service is $94.95/month.

Case Studies

About Us
inFocus is here for you, to help give you and your business a unique experience improving your payroll.

inFocus Payroll is not just a service, but a solution. Our goal is to take the time to truly grasp your needs and find the right solution for you. We offer our own payroll service to clients that are truly a good fit, but if we aren't the right fit we can recommend other payroll services with which we affiliate. These services vary by cost, degree of customization, and ease of use, and we can counsel you on which one would best fit your business. Also, by limiting the number of clients per expert, we avoid the neglect you might face with other services and can spend more time acclimating ourselves specifically with your needs, leading to a personalized payroll experience.

Brian Bohley
Founder and CEO


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We can also audit your current provider's reports to give you a diagnosis of what they may or may not be doing incorrectly.

Please call 877-495-5289 x0 or email us at support@infocuspayroll.com

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